Owner Managed Businesses

A private company with an individual or a group of people who have a beneficial interest in the issued securities of the business is defined as an owner-managed entity. Entrepreneurs have the freedom to capitalise on any type of business opportunity. That right alone doesn’t necessarily translate to success highlighting the need for an external party to assist you with the growth and development of the organisation.

It’s unfortunate that not everyone has the necessary business acumen to turn an idea into a successful operation. As a result, you need a professional team with the relevant experience to assist in guiding you to meet your expectations while maintaining sight of your vision. Think, for a moment, about the world’s best tennis player. They play an individual sport and have achieved some success by trusting their innate skills and talent. However, these elements can only take their triumph so far. The best players usually have a coaching team of three to four people who assist them in working different areas of their game. As a result, they go on to win several titles and can dominate the sport for years.

Similarly, when you need to take your business to the next level, you should trust BDO through Partner, Registered Auditor, and Chartered Accountant, Jason Glass. With almost two decades of experience in providing clients with professional services, you can depend on Jason for all things audit, tax, and specifically advisory matters.

While his specialty fields include property and hospitality, Jason has a history of combining energy, enthusiasm, commitment, and personal approach to every client engagement. Clients who have previously had Jason as their engagement partner attest to his efficient client service, strong communication, and accountability. Consequently, Jason, together with BDO have developed long term relationships with clients that exist up until today.

BDO understands that your business is precious to you since you formed the idea and have worked tirelessly to make it a success. Simply trusting a stranger to advise you on the forward can be daunting. However, Jason ensures that invests time with you to gain an in-depth understanding of the business, its goals, your needs, and opportunities. When you have a dependable coach like Jason and BDO on your side, there’s nothing but success awaiting your business.

You may be feeling a sense of trepidation, especially if you’re operating in a sector that’s not common. It’s completely normal to feel that way, as it indicates you deeply care for the organisation you’ve created. We can confidently say that the BDO Owner Managed Business team have collaborated and advised clients of different sizes from a vast array of sectors and industries. As such, we’ve encountered all types of threats and opportunities before and are in the best place to usher you into a new era.

Some of the industries we’ve had the privilege of operating in include

• Natural Resources

• Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

• Consumer Business

o Manufacturing

o FMCG, Retail, and Logistics

o Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

o Tourism, Hospitality, and Leisure

• Real Estate and Construction

How many entrepreneurs end up wasting the wealth they’ve accumulated over the years by failing to plan carefully for the future? Bear in mind that your business is your primary asset and source of wealth creation. It’s critical that you make the correct decisions in terms of managing, structuring, and protecting your source of wealth so it can help in achieving future dreams and aspirations.

When you have BDO at your side, we will help to organise your financial future while holding you accountable to actions that you deem important. Furthermore, we will assist in identifying blind spots in your wealth planning and cover your future by taking care of the following aspects.

  • Estate Planning
  • Trust Formation and Administration
  • Asset and Income Protection
  • Long Term Wealth Creation and Investment Management

If you’re ready to protect your business while taking it to the next level with a reliable team beside you, feel free to reach out to Jason Glass and his team.

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