MEXEM: Making the stock market quick and easy for all

For those of us looking to develop a sound financial portfolio, investing one’s money in the stock market is a particularly effective way to reap significant returns on that investment. Whether you’re saving whatever disposable income you have for a large purchase in the future (say, a house, a car or a university education) or have come onto a significant amount of extra cash (through an inheritance, for example), investing in the stock market promises the kind of massive returns that absolutely no other investment strategy can match.
Like any form of investment, the stock market can be extremely risky as even the surest stock can be annihilated through unexpected outside influences. Even just navigating the intricacies of the stock market requires a certain expertise that most laypersons simply do not possess. This is where stock brokers come in. For a relatively small fee, brokers guide you in what to stocks to invest in and, when necessary, to sell, while also managing the actual complexities of selling and buying stock on your behalf. The downside is that there is often a fair amount of red tape to get through when dealing with certain bankers and it is for this reason as much as any other that causes many people to choose investments that allow them more direct control over their own money.


At last, there is now a way to bypass this problem completely by effectively cutting out the middle man and allowing anyone

the opportunity to control their stock market investments with both ease and speed. Mexem is an online share-trading platform that allows its users to make trades quickly and easily without ever needing to go through a broker. Gone is the hassle of having to call up your broker every time you want to buy or sell shares – you can now do it all by yourself, regardless of your expertise level, with little more than a few clicks!
Mexem acts as an “introducing broker” in emerging markets for Interactive Brokers, the single largest trading platform in the United States of America. Mexem works by simply translating Interactive Brokers’ offerings to these markets, which, in our case, means that South African investors are granted access to over 120 markets across 23 countries! Crucially, Mexem also offers some of the lowest commission fees in the industry. This means that, unlike with many traditional


brokerage firms, your investment wins won’t be undermined and swallowed up wholesale by exorbitant trading fees.
As is clear on the table below, in comparison to other share-trading platforms available to South Africans, Mexem stands tall above even its closest competition with a minimum commission figure that is a mere fraction of that which is offered by other brokers. This mean a lot when investing even a fairly humble amount of money but can make a world of difference when dealing with major financial investments.

In terms of value on investment, Mexem stands entirely alone. No other services match Mexem’s innovative online platform in offering both the peace of mind that comes with the feeling of being in control of one’s own money and the sheer simplicity with which one is able to do so. More even than all of this, Mexem does not charge its clients a cent in management fees. Where so many other platforms hut you with unseen costs, Mexem’s lack of management fees means that what you see is precisely what you will pay. Not a penny more. Further, if you somehow need even more incentive, Mexem does not limit you just to trading in stocks, but has numerous other investment types available on its platform, including futures, bonds, metals and ETFs.
Trading fees across various platforms for retail clients trading in the US market.

Try out their platform today at and get investing!

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