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We do not know what the coming year potentially has in store for us, and if we are not worried, that means our emunah is deficient. Every Jew must realise that any calamities in Eretz Yisroel, chas vesholom, will spread to the whole world eventually, and we have to increase our emunah so that we will have the strength to face any eventuality. Rav Moshe Sternbuch (words spoken just after Rosh Hashanah 5784 / 2023

Naturally, the calls for ‘restraint’, ‘de-escalation’ and more poured in from the moment that the attacks became known. For Israel is the only country in the world which is expected to accept with equanimity the mutilation of its citizenry. All the people who think that there is a two-state solution on the table which could come about if only the Israelis tried a bit harder are back at it, apparently without knowing that they are singing a dead song. There is no two-state solution possible. Especially not now. Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians and the Palestinians gave Israel Hamas and war. If anyone thinks the West Bank should be given similar autonomy then they are simply dreaming of the destruction of Israel.

Douglas Murray, Associate Editor, Spectator Magazine

The extent to which the vile and corrosive ideology of anti-Semitism, always excused with various gobbets of cretinous and immoral whataboutery, is present in the UK was evident in the jubilation of those flag-waving Palestinian supporters and their thick-as-mince white liberal groupies in London and Birmingham. They were thrilled and delighted, just as they were in Sydney when they thronged together screaming ‘Gas the Jews’. Not Israel: the Jews.

Rod Liddle, British Journalist

I daydream sometimes of a parallel reality in which Gaza embraced peace after Israel withdrew. If that had happened, the border would now be porous, with citizens moving freely to and fro. Trade and investment would flow. The beaches would be beautiful. Gaza would have its own water supply, electricity generators and airport. Hospitals and schools would be thriving. Only one thing has destroyed this vision: the rabid Israelophobia of Hamas which is the newest version of the oldest hatred. We saw that unbearably in recent days.

Jake Wallis Simons, British Writer

The ignorant and malicious lie of Israeli “oppression” and injustice is embedded in western “progressive” circles. Totally ignoring the Palestinians’ genocidal antisemitism, this narrative has sanitised, emboldened and incentivised Palestinian incitement against Israel and the Jewish people for decades.

Jews on the left, including those now wringing their hands over the massacre in Israel, are complicit in this malignant echo chamber.

They are part of a western culture that is no longer prepared to recognise evil. It seeks instead to ascribe it to motives like oppression.

Melanie Phillips, British Journalist and Writer

We should care about the Palestinian citizens, especially the innocent ones because they didn’t ask for this. But where are the Arab countries? Where are they? Where is Qatar? Where is Lebanon? Where is Jordan? Where is Egypt? Do you know we give Egypt over a billion dollars a year? Why aren’t they opening the gates? Why aren’t they taking the Palestinians?”

“You know why? Because they know they can’t vet them, and they don’t want Hamas in their neighbourhood. So why would Israel want them in their neighbourhood?

Nikky Haley, American Republican Politician

Following the slaughter in Israel the Western left stands exposed like never before. I don’t think they realise how hard it will be for them to come back from this. Jews murdered by a virulently anti-Semitic movement, Jews taunted on our streets, Jews living in fear across our continent, and they said: ‘Well…you know…what did Israel expect?’

They’ve been fighting fantasy fascism for years, yet when real fascism came, they hid, they looked the other way, they made excuses. If they think this isn’t being clocked (realised) by people around the country, by the decent majority who abhor radical Islamist bigotry against Jews, women and others, then they’re even dimmer than I thought.

Brendan O’Neill, British Columnist and Writer

So these guys are doing all the things – targeting civilians, especially women and children – that the US and EU argue justifies the toppling of Vladimir Putin. Fortunately for them, the Palestinians enjoy a much better press. The Government of the United States first reacted to the unprovoked invasion from a neighboring state by immediately urging Israel “to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing” – which is in striking contrast to its general approach in Ukraine….Meanwhile, the Taliban have apparently asked Iran, Iraq and Jordan for safe passage through their territory so they can join the fight and “conquer Jerusalem”.

Mark Steyn, Canadian Writer and Columnist

I want to express my absolute solidarity with the people of Israel. Now is not a time for equivocation, and I’m not equivocal. Hamas, and the people who support Hamas, are fully responsible for this appalling act of terror; for the murder of civilians, and for the kidnapping of innocent people, including children. I’ve just spoken to Prime Minister Netanyahu to assure him of the UK’s steadfast support as Israel defends itself against these appalling attacks. We will do everything we can do to help. Terrorism will not prevail.

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister

We condemn the violence of the terrorists and we say very clearly, Israel has the right under international law, to defend its citizens against such acts of barbarism. At the moment, there is only one place for Germany, the place – side by side with Israel. This is what we mean when we say the security of Israel is Germany’s raison d’être (reason for being).

Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of Germany

In Why I am Not a Muslim, Ibn Warraq explains how Americans think that deep down we all have the same values. Warraq says Americans believe that all these terrorists, if you scratch beneath the surface, are looking for equality and justice. That’s complete nonsense. Americans can’t face the reality that different people have different values. And yet we welcome them.

As women were being snatched from the streets and 5,000 rockets rained down in an all-out terror war on Israel, the good people at the United Nations urged ‘restraint’. The result will be a long war leading potentially to Israel taking complete control of the Gaza Strip. And why wouldn’t they? No sane nation would allow a spider’s nest of terrorism to have sanctuary on its doorstep.

Jason Thomas, Australian Writer and Columnist

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